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In-Floor Radiant Heat System Installation & Service

In-Floor Radiant Heat Systems: Installation & Repair Service

Winters in Collegeville, PA can get very cold. During these times, in-floor radiant heat systems are extremely useful. In-floor radiant heat systems can be used to add additional heating in a particularly chilly room like a bathroom or basement or they can simply make cold tile floors throughout your home more comfortable. Additionally, in some cases, in-floor radiant heat systems can be used throughout your entire home as an economical way of heating your home.

At Vincent Ruzzi Plumbing and Heating, we are experts at installing in-floor radiant heat systems. We can help you select the right type of system and can install your system in any room in your home or office. We can also repair and service existing radiant heat systems. To learn more about our services available to customers in Collegeville and the surrounding areas such as Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery counties, contact us today at 610-584-8277.

What Are In-Floor Radiant Heat Systems?

In-Floor Radiant Heat Systems in Collegeville, PA

With in-floor radiant heating systems, the heat is supplied directly to the floor and it spreads throughout the room. This is based on the principle of radiant heat transfer. The heat is delivered from the heating device to the flooring through infrared radiation by air convection. Therefore, the heat that is produced under the floor and it radiates through the floor. It then heats the air, which continues to move upwards until the entire room is warm. This is an efficient way of heating a room because heat naturally rises from the floor to the rest of the room.

In-floor radiant heat systems offer many benefits over traditional heating methods. Conventional heating systems like furnaces employ forced air heating transporting the heated air through ductwork and vents located throughout a home. However, ducts can leak, and therefore, heating efficiency is diminished. Forced air systems can also distribute allergens throughout the house.

In-floor radiant heat systems are of three types:

In-Floor Radiant Heat
  • Radiant air floor- where the heat is carried under the floor in the form of hot air
  • Hot water radiant floors- where the heat is carried by water through a system of tubes installed under the floor
  • Electric radiant floors- where electric mats heat the surface under the flooring

As a full service plumbing contractor, we install and repair all three kinds of in-floor radiant heat systems.

Benefits of In-Floor Radiant Heat Systems

In-floor radiant heat systems have many benefits, and therefore, many homes and commercial buildings throughout the US take advantage of in-floor radiant heat systems. Here are a few advantages of installing such systems in your home or office:

  • These systems are an improvement over forced air heating because there are no ducts through which the heat can escape.
  • People who are allergic to dust and pollen prefer these systems because allergens are not distributed throughout the building.
  • Hydronic systems or hot water in-floor radiant heat systems use little electricity, which can mean reduced utility costs and is also useful if your home is not connected to a power grid.
  • The heat produced has a more natural feel. The air does not move or feel pushed because the heat spreads slowly through convection.
  • Forced air heating can make a lot of noise, but these systems are quiet.
  • These systems are more economical compared to boilers or furnaces.

Contact Us To Learn More About In-Floor Radiant Heat Systems

In-floor radiant heat systems efficiently transfer heat and can make your living environment warm and cozy. For more information on in-floor radiant heat systems, you can contact our plumbing company at 610-584-8277. We can provide you all the information you need on the matter and help you decided if an in-floor radiant heat system is right for you.

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